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ahccs | anna herboly

...from humble beginnings...

after several years of employment with various companies, ahccs | anna herboly creative communication services was founded by anna herboly in november 2004. since then, the company has been a "one-woman-show", specializing in translations, graphic- and web design.

the decision to become self-employed was a bold one. thankfully, I could count on my friends and colleagues to help me find clients and assignments by simply "spreading the word". the company meanwhile serves several dozens of clients, among them law firms, publishers, medical- and pharmaceutical research institutions, and many more. ahccs has been striving to win and retain clients in the long-term.  today, approximately eighty percent of its clients are regular (i.e. returning) customers.

in the translation services field, ahccs works with client-specific glossaries and term lists (either provided by the client or compiled in cooperation with them) in order to ensure consistency and uniformity of the translations delivered.

when it comes to creative assignments (e.g. corporate identity design), ahccs aims to "get to know" the client(s) better in order to be able to provide solutions (designs) that represent the client's characteristics and preferences in the best possible manner.

download cv extended version and short version (both in english)

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why languages?

one could say, "it runs in the family". already at the tender age of nine, I admired my aunt edit herboly, a simultaneous interpreter for english and french, and decided to study languages. my decision to start a translation company has been driven by my passion for language and linguistics. it has always been my greatest ambition to learn to understand and speak a second,  third, or even fourth language fluently since I believe languages are increasingly vital skills to possess in a modern world. I'm interested in linguistics, like to discover word relationships or simply analyze linguistic phenomena and particularities of a given language. I collect dictionaries of all kinds - my latest acquisition being a hungarian etymology dictionary. I read them like novels or other books.

the challenge with translations is not necessarily finding the corresponding equivalent in the target language - this is what dictionaries are there for. what makes this job so interesting - and after so many years, still enjoyable - for me is the challenge of reproducing the registers of language in a way that comes closest to the original. this requires creativity, feeling for language and the willingness to delve into the subject matter and understand more than just the text.

as oliver wendell holmes puts it: "language is the blood of the soul into which thoughts run and out of which they grow".

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why design?

as much as translations are enjoyable, a "different" creative challenge is sometimes more than welcome. since creativity means working with the right-hand side of the brain, it represents an ideal counterpart to the translation assignments, which rather require the left-hand side. having a strong affinity for software (and, besides, to anything technical) and drawing skills, I've learnt to use photoshop, indesign and dreamweaver the autodidactic way.

for me, creativity is not limited to the areas of arts and music, but it involves translating unique ideas into something new and useful. in brief: creativity is about connecting with my natural affinity; it is about going into a space where I can retreat and experience joy and security.

as erich fromm puts it: “conditions for creativity are to be puzzled; to concentrate; to accept conflict and tension; to be born everyday; to feel a sense of self.”

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why ahccs?

there are five good reasons why you should choose ahccs for language- or design services.

  • quality: whether a one-page or 200-page document, ahccs' level of service, commitment to quality, and adherence to process and procedures will always be the same.
  • expertise: thanks to an extended network of partners (who are native speakers), ahccs delivers professional translation services in almost any language.
  • communication: during completion, ahccs regularly communicates with the client in order to provide information on the status quo, if required, or to adjust the workflow if needed.
  • flexibility: one of the major advantages of self-employment is free disposal of time. ahccs can handle last-minute, weekend- and urgent assignments as well.
  • friendly prices: with translations, prices vary depending on several factors such as quantity, desired deadline, text type, among other things. similarly, a creative project's price will also be subject to complexity, desired deadline, etc.
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